TPUK official registration and logo

EDIT: Voting by full party members is now closed. You can see our new logo above!

This week we received good news: That the Transhumanist Party is now officially registered in the UK. Along with that good news, however, we were also notified that our proposed logos were not compatible with Electoral Commission rules. The “+” in “h+” contravenes a rule against ticks or crosses in UK party symbols. The issue is an interesting one, since h+ is the most common shorthand for Transhumanism.

TPUK party members will soon have an opportunity to vote for a single, new symbol to be submitted to the Electoral Commission. Voting will be between three options, as follows:

All three options will be based on the earlier hexagonal design, which has proved popular and eye-catching. The first two will be variants of well-known Transhumanist themes; some kind of h+ (or >h) version which avoids actually having a separate + symbol, and a ring of eight outward-pointing arrows (like the original WTA logo, indicating limitless exploration).

The third option is to be worked up by the open Transhumanist community (i.e. by anyone who wants to get involved, party member or not), and voted on in the TPUK facebook group. Whichever community-made symbol is voted most popular there will be incorporated into the third option for formal voting by the party membership.

The open design competition and facebook voting will close on July 1st. Formal voting for the final party emblem will close three weeks later, on July 22nd. You do not need to be a UK national or resident to join the Transhumanist Party.

TPUK official registration and logo

4 thoughts on “TPUK official registration and logo

  1. Chris says:

    Just an observation, but if we were to go with the ‘8 pointed star’ approach then there are some connotations (and some potential copyright issues, as GW are famously protective of their trademarks…) with this –
    That said, we’d probably get a few thousand new members from the gaming community simply because of the logo….


    1. Duly noted, cheers Chris. Personally I think people are making too big a thing of alternative associations re: the 8-pointed star. As far as I’m aware such things were never a serious problem for the World Transhumanist Association.


    1. Hi Scott –

      We are, more or less. The issue is which community you’re talking about. The Facebook group is open to the general public, not just party members, so basing everything on a Facebook poll would mean a design & decision process potentially dominated by non-members, and a vote similarly dominated by non-members. It is, however, an ideal channel through which to get the wider Transhumanist community involved in the process.

      Instead, we are taking the Facebook group’s views into account (not to mention all earlier decisions already made by party members a few months back, given that a lot of views had already been expressed by members and we thought this matter was settled), but subjecting them and other factors deemed important by the National Executive Committee to a three-option vote by all full, paid-up party members.

      I don’t think you are, but if you were suggesting multiple logos (as opposed to a single one settled on by the process), we’ve decided against that because it confuses matters and dilutes the branding.


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