[TPG] Is your TP group inactive?

[EDIT: Lots of excellent progress since this was posted, I’m very glad to report! You can keep an eye on developments at http://transhumanistpartyglobal.org]

This post is on behalf of Transhumanist Party Global (TPG), the international coordinating body for all TP groups.

Let’s start with the punchline: The vast majority of currently-recognised Transhumanist Party groups are on track to be dropped from the list of those officially recognised, in a little over a week. Is yours one of them? If so, would you like to do something about it?

There are two lists at the end of this post. One is a list of early-stage Transhumanist Party groups that have shown activity beyond facebook. The critical thing that puts them on the list is that they were active enough to at least make an initial edit of their entry in the TPG wiki, giving us some sense of their initial plans, goals, and deadlines (however modest). The second list is of groups who have not yet managed to do that, and which will be removed from the TPG roster in early August if the situation hasn’t changed by then.

I know that a small handful of groups have not yet edited their wiki page, but are active in other ways or very new to the movement. In those cases I am sorry to be pestering the groups in this way, but quite simply we need to move things forward, so the same deadline (August 7th) applies to all groups equally.

Removal from the TPG roster doesn’t mean that a group has been shut down by TPG, or anything like that. TPG doesn’t run things centrally in that way, but rather works to coordinate groups which manage their own affairs. What TPG can’t do, however, is maintain and support a roster of inactive “ghost” groups which may be blocking active volunteers from stepping up in their parts of the world. Or perhaps there are would-be activists associated with some of these groups who would step up to develop the groups, but for whom the way is blocked by inactive “representatives”.

In short, if your group is on the active list, that means someone in that group has taken some (very small) effort to put some information on the group’s wiki page. We look forward to hearing much more from these groups over the months ahead. If your group is on the inactive list however, then no-one has so much as made the effort to edit the group’s wiki page, and you have approximately one week to change that state of affairs or the group will no longer be supported. If you think it is a matter of taking over from inactive representatives or stepping up to help group leaders who need a hand, then please do just go ahead and do whatever it is that you have to do! The requirement for recognition at this stage really is extremely minimal, after all, and we have no more time to waste on inactive groups.

Last but not least, we should note that if a group gets dropped from the TPG roster then that doesn’t mean all ties are severed or that it can’t potentially re-join in future. It just means that the group will be removed from the TPG wiki, its representatives will be removed from the TPG mailing list, no more information will be passed on to facebook groups etc when there are developments, and later the group will have to meet the same public requirements for listing in the roster as would any other group if it wants to be affiliated with TPG and listed in the wiki once more. Basically, the group would be cut off until it can show it is active. It is possible that in the meantime another group of people might come along, wishing to represent the same country, who would meet the requirements first. In that case, the new group would become the officially recognised Transhumanist Party affiliate from that country.

Groups on the inactive list below who have not edited their wiki page to show initial plans, goals, and deadlines (however modest) by Friday August 7th will be removed from the TPG wiki.

I very much hope that by August 7th, a good number of our groups will be able to raise their game, and reaffirm their intent to work toward establishment of the Transhumanist Party movement. It is inevitable that the TPG roster is going to be much smaller on the 7th, but better to start from a small, vigorous base than to encourage the illusion of activity.

p.s. Clearly the US party is a special case
, but even there we have a problem, unfortunately. Zoltan Istvan’s activities are high-profile, but to be frank one person is not a political party. We still need to see activists stepping up to do party work in the US, and that includes something as simple and important as maintaining communications with the rest of the movement. I do hope someone will be able to step up and do this for the US party, because otherwise we’ll have an embarrassing problem; but better to acknowledge and solve such a problem rather than ignore it.

Transhumanist Party (Global) wiki: http://transhumanistpartyglobal.org



INACTIVE GROUPS – due to be removed from TPG roster Aug 8th if no change:


[TPG] Is your TP group inactive?